Gimbal V1.16 Patch Released (JANUPATCH)

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Gimbal V1.16 Patch Released (JANUPATCH)

Postby colin » Tue Jan 08, 2013 11:58 am

This patch is awesome!


Fixed bug where dead mines counted against your total
Fixed some accuracy problems in master server listings
Fixed an annoying Null Ref crash during multiplayer games
Fixed Null Ref crash in missile code
Fixed bad lag when clearing ToolTips
Fixed incorrect version number bug that affected favorite servers
Fixed bug with 1px tweaking in Designer
Fixed compound rotation in Designer
Fixed bug that caused missing parts or missiles on resupply
Fixed bug where missiles detonate instantly when flying at high speed
Fixed bug where bombs tumble wildly at high speed
Fixed NaN bug (division by zero) in physics engine
Added Stats "Dumper" command line tool (Game & Ship stats)
Added Bezier Curves for some particle trails and laser slag
Added Ship Hot-Swapping (on carrier resupply)
Added Projectile Deflection for armored surfaces
Added Auto-duplication upon editing stolen ships (like for stock designs)
Added Remote Detonation function for mines and bombs
Changed Mines so that dead launchers do not reduce your total
Changed Mines from 100% visibility at all times to visibility based on sensor perception, just like for ships
Changed Server Heartbeat interval (shorter) for more accurate listings
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