Gimbal V1.17 Patch Released (StepItUp Patch)

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Gimbal V1.17 Patch Released (StepItUp Patch)

Postby colin » Tue Jan 22, 2013 7:36 pm

Another day, another patch.

Fixed Camera North angle bug
Fixed Camera Zoom spaz-out/crash bug, at low frame rates
Fixed the "what the flip" crash
Fixed more misc null ref crashes
Fixed error handling for crashed during Draw()
Fixed some flakiness with drop pods
Changed NetRate from a client option to a server hosting option
Changed Camera Zoom to be resolution-independent
Changes Missiles/Mines/Bombs to explode on respawn instead of on death
Improved HUD chat layout for low resolutions
Improved Gimbal Server compatibility for machines without graphics devices
Improved tracking behavior of Robo-Sight
Improved laser weapon power
Increased docking grab force
Increased ricochets for light ammunition on armor
Added "kick bots" server command
Added Gimbal protocol handler (auto launch when clicking links, eg gimbal://
Added "Shaders" option to advanced options
Added "mirror" option for Mouse Targeter and Turret Slaver
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