Gimbal V1.31 Patch Released (RAPID PATCH)

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Gimbal V1.31 Patch Released (RAPID PATCH)

Postby colin » Wed May 15, 2013 3:20 pm

This is a quick fix for many of the Expansion One launch glitches.

Fixed Map Rotation double-entry bug
Fixed lingering scores between games
Fixed CTF game end handling
Fixed a crash related to tethers
Fixed a crash related to the repair bot
Fixed a looping sound bug
Fixed Race Tracks for systems with international character sets
Fixed a Designer crash when clicking WASD/ARROW switcher with no vehicle
Fixed overflowing text in pop up dialogs
Added error handling for crashes during avatar selection with fullscreen on
Increased flag out-of-bounds return force
Added flag holder out-of-bounds return force
Fixed Ball CPU, which was targeting self in DM/Race

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