Gimbal V1.32 Patch Released (PLATINUM PATCH)

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Gimbal V1.32 Patch Released (PLATINUM PATCH)

Postby colin » Thu May 30, 2013 11:49 am

I think I finally fixed the sync errors. I cannot guarantee it, but I tracked a major source of sync errors, and fixed the problem. There was a discrepancy between clients and servers.

Fixed the main cause of sync errors and possibly all sync errors
Fixed repair bot exploits and crashes
Fixed server crashes from tethers
Fixed server crashes from drone missiles
Fixed misplaced extenders bug
Fixed Missile Lock/BCPU/RoboSight/PointDefense targeting on DM/EDM/RACE maps
Fixed excessive logging of IRC messages
Fixed flags getting stuck together
Fixed flag capping to be faster and more reliable
Improved load times slightly
Added more hotkeys to the designer (s=snap to grid, m=mirror, comma and period = rotate, ctrl+n = new)
Added server drain feature

Have fun!
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