Gimbal V1.33 Patch Released (SOUL PATCH)

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Gimbal V1.33 Patch Released (SOUL PATCH)

Postby colin » Wed Jun 26, 2013 8:13 am

Mostly fixes.

Fixed multiple winners bug in Race mode
Fixed laser exploit in Race mode
Fixed spawn timer for Race mode
Fixed some money exploits
Fixed weird deterministic spawn placement when flight testing
Fixed a null reference bug in the UI
Fixed a localization crash in the UI
Fixed incorrect "no thrusters" warning for Impulse Thrusters
Fixed flares in DM / EDM / Race
Fixed a server and client crash from the Minigun
Added an "Add" hotkey (A Key) in Designer for Stabilizer, Salvo, etc
Added memory for "Show Stolen Ships" option
Improved flares - Strong decoy effect during target acquisition
Improved Winch price
Improved light missile launcher capacity / rail count (6)
Improved the size of the version number (1.33 vs 1.32)

Have fun!
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