Gimbal V1.43 Patch Released (Chocolate Patch)

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Gimbal V1.43 Patch Released (Chocolate Patch)

Postby colin » Sat Mar 07, 2015 8:23 am

Version 1.43 changelog

Fixed stupid "Dropped Sync Frame" netcode bug
Fixed some minor map setup problems
Fixed lag from ricochet effects on complex ships
Improved performance of tethers
Fixed some incorrect Designer warnings

Reduced base collision damage by 12.5%
Better Collision Damage tolerance for battleships
Liquid Rocket engine now regenerates fuel, instead of limiting you to 3 burns
Mastermind Servers can now set specific budget limits
Started using the Metric system in one place

New Parts
Pyrotechnic Bolt
Contact Trigger
Proximity Trigger
Spinal Weapon Guidance

Designer Changes
Added "Undo" System
Gimbal Memorizes your Mirror and Snap settings
Software Parts have color coded icons
Certain parts can now link with Software parts (chaining)
Added coarse and fine Rotation (CTRL & SHIFT keys)

Server Management
Created the "GimbalServerBuddy", which watches gimbal servers and restarts them if they go down


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